“I ain’t lost, just wandering.”

Well, there’s nothing much to say. It’s been so long since i got lost somewhere and normally this is a treat I give myself whenever I’m totally lost and confused, mentally.

Yea, some wandering and wondering might be good.

I remember this saying: “Not everyone has a story, Charlie”. Even if they do, that is not excuse.” I used to think he means that most of the times, people are just normal and typical. We see someone with an extraordinary life, a movie or book with some many plot twists we lost count; only to look back into our lives and realize how small and so un-extraordinary we are.

Then right now as I’m typing this sentence, I realized (and because I know I’m gonna use this term many times more as I think best when I’m typing, let’s just abbreviate it to “AITTS, IR”) it could also mean that not everyone has a past. An ugly, hideous one that they can use as excuse for what they are now. A one single story that prevents them from creating other stories in the life they’re heading.

(If my writing is too confusing, you can just think of it as “You can’t change where you came from but you can decide where you will be”.)

Anyway, Sunday of week 7 is waiting, gonna take a refreshing and all-too-long shower before heading out for a sinfully delish brunch and, well, where we’re going is everyone’s guess :).



Econ 202.

Từ bây giờ cứ gặp ai, không cần biết lai lịch gốc gác thế nào, bố làm gì, mẹ là ai, nhà ở đâu, từng vào tù ra tòa chưa, u20 hay u70, chỉ cần nói là “Major in Economic” thì mình sẽ bỏ hết định kiến mà ngẩng nhìn với con mắt vừa ngưỡng mộ và cảm thông.

Uh thế đấy. 9 tuần nữa em yêu nhé ==.